Best WordPress SEO Checklist to Follow 2024


  1. Install the SEO Plugins
  2. Use SEO-Friendly Themes
  3. Optimize Website Speed and Performance
  4. Use a Caching Plugin
  5. Optimize the URL Structure
  6. Optimize the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  7. Use Proper Header Tags on the Website
  8. Use Schema Markup
  9. Optimize Image Alt Tags and File Names
  10. Use Breadcrumbs for Easier Navigation
  11. Submit an XML Sitemap to Google
  12. Optimize Your Robots.txt File
  13. Optimize the Navigation of Your Website
  14. Use Internal Linking
  15. Optimize the 404 Pages & Fix the Broken Links
  16. Optimize the Website for Mobile Usage
  17. Install and Use SSL and HTTPS on Your Website
  18. Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Provider
  19. Monitor All SEO Factors in the WordPress Regularly

How to Stay Ahead of the Game – WordPress SEO Checklist for 2024